Virtual Reality

February 26, 2020

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality is not a brand-new technology; in fact, it has been around since 1957 and was invented by Morton Heilig. However, at that time, it was called “Sensorama” and was not Label with the term Virtual Reality until 1987.  The experience you get from using Virtual Reality is next to none when you take into consideration the ease of use and freedom to go anywhere and experience anything. Imagine you’ve always wanted to see Paris but were afraid of flying or trying by sea. With Virtual Reality, that is no longer the case. Virtual Reality is being used in all industries across the board with breakthroughs in onsite job training, education, and construction. From Doctors getting experience doing surgery to workers performing a dangerous task on high-risk jobs, Virtual Reality is helping to ensure the safety of workers and the public through virtual experience. Virtual Reality is making the world around us better educated, better informed, and better prepared for real-life situations.


How we use Virtual Reality

How Bruckelmyer Brothers are implementing Virtual Reality in their design process is giving clients faster and better insight into how their custom home or project will look after completion. VR technology has now become available to the construction world with computer-generated imagery and content aim at simulating a real presence through senses (sight, hearing, touch). With the technology that Bruckelmyer Brothers uses having the option to use Virtual Reality comes at no additional cost to you, our seamless process keeps us designing homes and utilizes technology to add the Virtual Reality experience. Being able to walk through your home and make real decisions and changes help ensure the client sees what they are getting and how the decisions they make are impacting the overall project. Being able to create real-life scenes and put your home in the correct geographical location can help you choose correct placement and size of things such as windows and door to maximize your natural lighting. This is a small picture of what is possible when using Virtual Reality for design intent.

Benefits of using Virtual Reality

Buy or selling a property can sometimes be difficult to limit customers and travel time if potential clients are in other states or countries. Virtual Reality has the capability to overcome this obstacle after your model is drawn, and it can be available to use indefinitely for you to use from resale or using for when performing remolding and or additions. Many companies used to offer to stage scenes to find your look or to help sell your home. This is one extra thing you won’t have to worry about with less wasted time and money. The ease from which you can design and see in Virtual Reality with different decorations and furniture gives you the ability to find your look with very little and money. Looking to redo your interior design, change your flooring, paint your walls, or move your furniture around, we do this all in a matter of a few clicks. Being able to see your ideas in your home on a true scale can sometimes change how people view things, ensuring you are making the right decision, and all that time and effort will be put into something you will love for years to come.

Not sure if you want to walk through Virtual Reality have concerns of becoming dizzy or sick; we can always do a walkthrough in video mode, ensuring you see still see your space in all its glory. In short, you can get all the benefits of using Virtual Reality to help you make better decisions on what you want for your custom project. Using Enscape as our choose software, we’re not taking any attentional steps to achieve this process, which means less cost and more efficient use of time for our client and our team.