Social Media

April 23, 2020

Social Media – The BB Way! 


Some may ask “why would a construction company want to be on any of these social media sites?”   


Facebook and Instagram   

What these pages offer is a way for everyone to participate and communicate.  The pages are a place for us to share real time photos of our current or past projects, what our custom cabinetry shop is busy working on, share updates on any “hot” news, and share any upcoming events.  Videos! Why of course.  We will be posting those also. Our team wanted a way to enable our clients, friends, and families to participate in what we our doing in real time.  It also allows for comments or questions that you might have.  



Professional networking and career development platform. The platform offers way for users to enhance a professional reputation by posting updates and interacting with others.  It allows us to gain knowledge, gather insights, and learned opportunities.  It is much like other social media platforms where you can connect, chat, share updates, and interact! Each LinkedIn account is set up to the person or business, it gives you the opportunities to connect or learn straight from the personal that do this work every day.  




Our website, of several pages, provides a user-friendly platform, where all aspects of our business is explained and shared.   Our onsite IT personnel have been making updates, to create that “user-friendly” experience our clients have come to expect.  The website is a good place to start and it gives you the chance to contact us through our webpage form or email.  Our website is awesome, but it doesn’t compare to our face-to-face meetings we have with our clients. 

An overview of what we have to offer via our website; 

  • Who we are 
  • Publications 
  • Newsletters 
  • Request a brochure 
  • Visit our blog 
  • Read client reviews 
  • See how our process works 
  • Find information on remodels/repairs 
  • Look into design & build solutions 
  • See what our custom woodwork & finishing can do for your home 
  • View our portfolio.  
  • Contact information 

We are always striving for our visitors to have a better experience, so our IT will be continuing to make updates as time goes on.  



Have you ever cut out a picture of an idea?  Well this online platform allows you to do just that, without the cutting and piles of magazines. A place to view and get inspiration to lead you to that “ah-ha” moment of yes that is exactly what I want.  It also allows you to see projects we have done & shown you how we can help make your dream a reality.  

Current, past, or future client of ours? We would love for you to share about your projects by visiting the below link and provide information on your experience. 



An individual or team of individuals that create content that explains or expounds upon information or ideas that help our clients understand what we do here at Bruckelmyer Brothers 

The content can be used for news, networking, and other professional means. It is a way for us to provide information and open a discussion related to the topic from potential or present clients. Our diary/journal of the life in the eyes of Bruckelmyer Brothers. In our blog, we share how our people & system deliver quality, to our clients with a passion.  


We now have a YouTube channel! Clients, consumers, and employees can view the latest videos we are putting together.  Watch, like, share, and comment. We also use the channel to train our employee’s, to teach them what Bruckelmyer Brothers has come to expect in the quality department.

Although this is something we have just started to work on, we would love for you to visit and subscribe to our channel!   



A cloud platform that allows us to collaborate on projects have webinars or audio conference.  It provides us with the opportunity to have screen-sharing virtual meetings and training that is recordable. Another way to share files through cross-platforms.  Zoom is another way we can connect with our clients, those that can not be present physically because of health or distance.  




Microsoft Teams 

Application integration. Team collaboration in Office 365. Functions as the team’s tools providing a storage place for files, combining workplace chats, the ability to hold meetings via video, and a great way for the workplace to have unified communicationThe team is now informed, engaged, and most effective all from one source. 

Social Media: 

A way for everyone to participate and communicate.  Connection to clients, consumers, and employeesSearch engines to find internet related services and products. Inspiration with clicks of your finger.  Growing platforms but a great place for all to interact! 


Social Media a way for us to embrace & endeavor!