PLANNED HOME MAINTENANCE-Providing you peace of mind

May 21, 2020

As the weather gets warmer, our thoughts tend to shift to getting outside after a long winter and tackling those projects that we have been ignoring.  While your goal is to get out, we can rest assured it’s not to fix the caulk around the windows, but instead its of camping, hiking, fishing, biking, swimming, or just relaxing in the hammock.  Even though Home Maintenance is not high on your list of things to do, certain items need to be taken care of, so they don’t become more significant issues.

Your home is likely to be the most substantial investment you make in your lifetime; despite this fact, the average American spends more time on a vehicle purchase up to 3 or 4 times more. This is double when it comes to time spent on vacations. With many a new phone, car, vacation, or even new television ranks higher on their priority list.

It’s important to understand that a planned home maintenance schedule could bring you peace of mind.  Hiring a professional to inspect and maintain your home, on a yearly schedule, will help find any issues and bring them to your attention. It’s the same thought process with your vehicles.  You bring them to a mechanic (Professional) to change the oil or service them, and the mechanic, in turn, brings to your attention certain items that may need to be addressed before they become significant issues, and you can’t drive your vehicle anymore.  A home is much bigger, but maintaining it should be as important as taking care of your car.

Having a home maintenance checklist, copied from the internet, can add worry or stress to maintaining your home.  Some items on the list might not pertain to your home or are even applicable to your place of dwelling.   Maybe you don’t know what all the items are on the checklist.  That is where a trusted, professional home maintenance company comes into this equation.  We have checklists, and we use them to ensure the professionals on our team inspect every corner of your home.

If fact, studies show the only 23% of Americans plan for home maintenance projects.  The average home maintenance cost, in America, is $3000.00. Still, studies show that most Americans put maintaining their home off for 4-6 years, potentially costing them $20,000 when the time comes to repair their home.  With this data in mind, planned home maintenance must become something that happens yearly, saving time, money, & the worry of having your home maintained correctly.

There are many benefits to hiring a certified home inspection company that can-do annual maintenance inspections on your home.  The benefits are as follows:

  1. Peace of Mind
    1. Bruckelmyer Brothers call and schedules your inspections, so you don’t have to worry
    2. The inspection covers the interior, exterior, mechanical systems, electrical systems, & plumbing systems.
    3. From the Roof-top to the basement floor, the inspection covers it all.
  2. Maintains home Value
    1. If you have deterioration of your home, it can be fixed before it brings the value down
  3. Improved Quality of life
    1. A well-maintained home is more energy efficient
    2. Less likely to have mold or mildew buildup
    3. Less chance to have the inhabitants of the house get sick
  4. Saves you maintenance costs
    1. Spending hundreds now on maintenance will keep you from spending thousands on repairs.
  5. Comfort and Trust
    1. Having a knowledgeable, experienced, professional company standing behind you helps relieve the stress that can build up, wondering how you are going to get your maintenance done.
    2. When you hire Bruckelmyer Brothers, you are not hiring one guy, but you are hiring a whole team of professional, skilled craftsmen & women to take care of your home.