Home Repairs, Maintenance & Restorations

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Who could do a better job of taking care of your home than the folks that have been creating, building, remodeling & repairing homes for the past 30 plus years?

Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction has a home service team that can take care of your home with the same level of careful concern that we put into constructing each one of our projects. From in the ground to roof top we can inspect, maintain, restore and repair to match the existing finishes exactly how they are, or update to the look you are hoping for.

Need windows or doors replaced, cabinetry updates, or a drawer repaired? Our ability to match the finishes of your existing decor in our custom shop, dovetails nicely.. Whether replacing one window or door or all of them.  Call us today (218-525-2344) to schedule a time for our home service coordinator to stop by and provide you with an estimate of costs for any repairs your home and property may need.

 Also ask us about our annual property maintenance contract, become a member and rest assured that your property, home and all mechanical systems will be annually inspected, cared for and maintained for the lifetime of your home.


Plan Your Dream Home

Plan your dream home and be assured that Bruckelmyer Brothers Construction LLC will turn it into “brick-and-mortar” reality. Contact Us today to schedule an appointment.