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Cutting our teeth in custom home building in 1988, Bruckelmyer Brothers has become a premier and sought after home designer and custom home builder in and around Duluth Minnesota, along the north shore of Lake Superior, and throughout the northern regions of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Using the latest technology in CAD (computer aided design) we will provide as much detail in drawings and building plans as you desire. This allows you to visualize in 3-D live color your home’s design details and make informed decisions, long before the excavation begins. Our expert design professionals are here to listen to your ideas, share our ideas and collaborate to create your one of a kind home.

Hire our team and you will soon realize what the word “team” means in our world of home building. Our tenured employees working alongside Northern Minnesota’s finest subcontractors and you the client create a building atmosphere unlike any other. Our projects are well-known throughout the area for their relaxed atmosphere, high level of organization, cleanliness, quality of workmanship and lasting durability.

There are unlimited numbers of details in a custom home building project, how these details are handled from the design phase, through how the final finishes dovetail together, separate the ordinary from the truly “custom” experience. Check out how Buildertrend will give you the ability to follow our progress, stay apprised of on-site variables and share your project with your friends. Using this cloud-based platform for construction scheduling, information sharing, daily logs, progress photo’s etc. has been a huge asset for not only our project management team, but also you our client.

Precise, consistent quality in constructing anything requires the same people (our team) taking care of the same details from project to project, there is no better teacher than the many years of cumulative experience, our carefully selected staff, subcontractors and our suppliers bring to each and every project we complete.


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